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Sineia do Vale is an environmental manager, coordinator of the Environmental Management Department of the Indigenous Council of Roraima (CIR) and was the coordinator of the Technical Chamber of Climate Change of the PNGATI Steering Committee. For over 10 years she has followed the climate discussions at the regional, national and international levels of the UNFCCC, focusing on the Indigenous agenda and the implementation of actions at the local level. Her work is focused on local environmental and territorial actions and how they can be included within appropriate climate public policies for indigenous peoples.
Sineia is also the organizer of the first Brazilian indigenous publication on climate change: Amazad Pana'Adinham: perception of indigenous communities on climate change. Serra da Lua Region - RR. The publication was released in 2014 and since then disseminated in several national and international events on the topic, and was included in the National Adaptation Plan as a reference study on the impacts of climate change for indigenous peoples. In addition, Sinea is also responsible for the elaboration of several environmental and territorial management plans for the Indigenous Lands of Roraima.

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