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Peter Houlihan is the Executive Vice President of Biodiversity & Conservation at XPRIZE Foundation, overseeing XPRIZE Rainforest and developing future incentivized prizes on coral reef restoration and wildfires. He is a Visiting Assistant Professor at UCLA in the Institute of the Environment and Sustainability, in the Center for Tropical Research and Congo Basin Institute, and an Adjunct Professor of Environmental Science and Policy at Johns Hopkins University, instructing international graduate level field courses in tropical ecology and conservation. Peter is a National Geographic Explorer, Photographer and NatGeo Expeditions Expert. He is also a frequent visiting scientist at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Panama, International Advisor to the Borneo Nature Foundation and a co-Founder and Director of BRINCC (a conservation NGO in Borneo), an Advisor to Rainforest Partnership, a Fellow of the Explorers Club, gear tester for Patagonia, and TEDx speaker.

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